Monday, December 4, 2017

2018 Annual Meeting

We’re getting ready for the 2018 Annual Council Meeting! It will be held Saturday, April 28, 2018, starting at 8 am at the Parsons Leadership Center at South Mountain. If you are a Girl Scout aged 14 and older, you can represent Pima at this meeting.  

We need 10 delegates for the meeting and priority will be given to those who have not attended in the past two years.  Girl members will be given priority over adult members. 

Please send your name, address, email address, phone number, and troop number to

Deadline to sign up is February 5th.

Current seats remaining: 6

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December Leader's Meeting


Leader Informaton
MSE Report -- Susan Rees
Angel Tree — Diana 
Vista del Camino -- Susan V
Cookie Cupboard Staffing

Product Sales
Fall Product Sale -- Louise
Cookie Sales Q&A -- Teresa


December 4: Leader's social at Goldies, 8:15 pm

Caroling --  December 10 -- Maddie 
Cookie Rally -- January 12 -- Marilyn/Maria
**Sleeping Beauty, Fountain Hills Theater -- February 18/February 24 (SOLD OUT!) -- Diana, 2256 
Thinking Day -- February 25 -- Diana, 2256
Encampment -- March 2-4 -- Lee, 2010
Brownie Father/Daughter Dance -- April 6 -- Troop 231
Leader's Gala -- April 2 -- Michelle, Diana, and Pat (Note date was incorrect)
Camp B.A.S.I.C. -- April 14-15 -- Lee, 2010
Neighborhood Cruise to Alaska -- June 3-10 -- Teresa
Day Camp: Myths and Legends -- June 25-29 -- Troop 2256 (Date Set)

Camp Basic 2018

Camp B.A.S.I.C.
Brownie-Aged Skills and Interest Camping
April 14-15, 2018  

WHO: Brownie troops and any first-time campers, grades 2-5.

Learn how to camp and have fun!

Fire Safety Tents
Outdoor Cooking SWAPS
Knife Safety Knots
Leave No Trace Songs
and more!


Usury Mountain Park, north of Mesa.


Saturday April 15 to Sunday April 16.
Campers will arrive at noon on Saturday and leave at 10am on Sunday.


$37 until Feb 5, which includes all meals, snacks, lodging, training, SWAPS, crafts, and patch.

Late Registration until March 15:  $47 (if space is available).  Sorry, no refunds can be issued.


Submit a roster of all attendees (including adults), emergency contacts for each, and age of girls plus payment (checks to Pima Neighborhood) to:   Lee, c/o RSI, PO Box 22400, Tempe AZ 85285-2400.  

Camp B.A.S.I.C. is sponsored by Troop 2010 and is staffed by Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts.  Please contact Troop 2010 at with any questions.

Spring Encampment Spring Camp!


When: March 2-4, 2018
What: Camping and fun in the pines!  
Where: Camp Maripai, outside Prescott
Who: Camp Overnight:  3rd+ grade and 
                1st/2nd grade leaders and daughters; 
                Saturday Day Only:  1st/2nd grade troops   
Cost: $38 per person (+program fees). 
        $15 for Saturday only (no meals)

Registration deadline: Jan 8. Late Registration until Feb 5: $48. Space is limited--first come, first served!

We are having our Spring Neighborhood Encampment at Camp Maripai, our Girl Scout camp located near Prescott, about 1.5-2 hours from Scottsdale.  It's a beautiful camp.  You'll love it!  
Program Opportunities:  Our Camp will be themed around Sustainability and Pirates.  Arrrrr!(Get it:  The 5 R’s ?) The wide game on Saturday morning will have games and crafts.  The afternoon is open for your own troop's activities, so you can take a hike, work on a badge, prepare gourmet meals, or even give your girls some down time.  Whatever you wish!  Archery ($6) for girls 4th and up is available.  We'll have a campfire Saturday night.  
Meals:   We will serve Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast in the lodge.  All troops will cook Friday Dinner and Saturday Lunch and any snacks they want.  Feel free to buddy up with another troop!  This is a great bridging or friendship building opportunity.
Accommodations:  There are various cabins and buildings for us to stay in, each of which accommodate a different number of people.  Some buildings have beds, some have only mattresses.  Sites will be assigned beforehand.
Swaps:  Once again, we will have a swap exchange. Please prepare your swaps around the camp theme or a wilderness/camping/outdoors theme. We suggest that each girl bring at least ten swaps, but that's up to you and your troop.   
Required Training:  All troops must have a troop First Aider with current First aid and CPR cards and a TCC person (Troop Camp Certification Levels 1 and 2).  (Leaders attending with just their daughters are exempt.  If you’re having trouble getting a TCC person, let us know.)
To Sign Up:  Please fill out the registration form.  
More information:  See the general encampment packet (camp rules, directions, schedule, etc.), and the Camp Maripai map.  Also, don’t forget to send Lee your check and Roster/Car Form and submit your Troop Trip Form to Susan R.  Troop camping assignments will be available a week or two before the encampment.  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cupboard Guidelines

Some Rules...

  • You may not pick up your initial order at a cupboard. If you did not place a pre-order, you must go to the council warehouse to do that.
  • You must pick up by the case only.
  • You may NOT return cookies to the cupboard nut you may trade in any of the $5 varieties and you may exchange damaged boxes and cases.
  • Toffee-tastics and Smores may not be traded in for other flavors.
  • Please place your cupboard order in eBudde before you go to the cupboard.  Please do not place orders more than 48 hours in advance.
  • You must have your eBudde password when you go to the cookie cupboard. You cannot pick up cookies without it.
  • Cupboards *may* limit the number of cases per troop.

Cookie Booths


  • Enter all your self-scheduled booths into eBudde for approval.
  • Cancel any booths that you will not use.  If you can't make a booth offer it to a fellow Pima troop onf Facebook or send a note to Pima Neighborhood before cancelling so we can keep the booth in our neighborhood. 
  • Bring your own equipment and supplies (a SMALL table, tape, carts, signs, etc).
  • Talk to parents and girls about expectations and behavior.
  • Wear Girl Scout identification. You will do better at a booth if your girls wear matching/troop tshirts with vests/sashes.  The more professional you look, the better you will do.
  • Have girl health forms with you, as well as a MS-27 emergency card for reference.
  • Take written proof of booth scheduling from eBudde with you.
  • Take a signed agreement to AJs or Basha's to give to the manager. 
  • Arrive five minutes before your booth start and leave promptly when your time is over.
  • Check in and out with the store manager and give him/her a thank you note.
  • Follow store set-up rules.
  • Follow any directions given to you by the store managers and employees.
  • Be polite to customers, store employees, fellow Girl Scouts, and adult volunteers at all times but particularly if you encounter a confrontational situation.
  • Keep less than $100 in your cash box.
  • Leave the booth space cleaner than you found it. Take all your trash with you, especially your empty cases.


  • Do not contact Basha's, Food City, AJ's, Walmart, Sam's Club, Albertson's, Safeway, Fry's, Target, or ASU.  Booths for these places are only scheduled by council and are available via Ebudde.
  • Don't booth at locations that are not girl appropriate such as marijuana dispensaries or bars.
  • Do not fill store garbage cans with empty boxes.  Take them with you.
  • Do not sit on or use store merchandise (for example, do not sit on patio furniture that is for sale).
  • Do not use store property (for example, do not use store carts and do not sit on store furniture that is intended for their customers' use).
  • Do not eat or allow your girls to eat at a cookie booth.
  • Do not let girls sing, shout, or chant.
  • Do not bring bags from other stores to a booth. (No Fry's bags at Walmart, for example).
  • Do not block the door.
  • Do not bring non-Girl Scout friends and/or siblings.
  • Do not staff your booth with more than four girls at a time.
  • Do not take bills over $20.
  • Do not take checks.
  • Do not ask store managers to mediate any conflict.
  • Do not argue in front of customers, girls, or store employees.


Monday, November 6, 2017

November Agenda


Enrichment: National Convention Recap (short version: it was AMAZING!)

Leader Informaton
MSE Report -- Susan Rees
Recaps: Encampment, Birthday party, Songfest

Angel Tree — Diana 
Vista del Camino -- Susan V
Super Troop Tshirt -- deadline is 11/7

Caroling -- Maddie
Older Girl Safety Talk -- Diana
Father/Daughter Dance? Other Events?

Product Sales
Fall Product Sale -- Louise
Cookie Sign Up and Training -- Teresa
---Advice for training?


November 6: Leader's social at Goldies, 8:15 pm

Caroling --  December 10 -- Maddie 
Cookie Rally -- January 12 -- Marilyn/Maria
**Sleeping Beauty, Fountain Hills Theater -- February 18/February 24 (SOLD OUT!) -- Diana, 2256 
Thinking Day -- February 25 -- Diana, 2256
Encampment -- March 2-4 -- Lee, 2010
Leader's Gala -- April 7 -- Michelle, Diana, and Pat
Camp B.A.S.I.C. -- April 14-15 -- Lee, 2010
Neighborhood Cruise to Alaska -- June 3-10 -- Teresa
Day Camp: Myths and Legends -- June -- Troop 2256

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Come carol with us at Belmont Village December 10th at 2:00-3:00. RSVP to by November 28th to get your song sheet and patch order. RSVP with the number of girls and a troop number. It is $2 a girl to participate. There will be a hot chocolate party at the end. Troops of all ages are welcome!

Saturday, November 4, 2017


E.L.F stands for Experienced Leader Friend.

We have, at a minimum, 25 new leaders in our neighborhood this year.  For those of who are experienced, think back a bit and you will probably remember a leader who lent you a helping hand, listened, gave advice, and became a friend.  We would like to help all the new and experienced make new friends!

Please let me know if you can serve as an Elf to a new leader.  

Things New Leaders may Need Help with....

  • Badges and Journeys
  • Field Trips
  • Investiture
  • Bridging
  • Spring Registration
  • Cookie Booths
  • Neighborhood Communications 
  • School networks
  • Fall product
  • Training requirements
  • Girl Scout traditions
  • Much, much more!!

What do we want you to do?

  • Call 
  • Text 
  • Email
  • Have coffee
  • Attend leader meetings with your new friend 
  • Make sure they attend the leader gala with you
  • Share your wisdom
  • Introduce them to other leaders

Nothing too difficult in other words.  You do not have to do a front splits, as pictured above! Let me know if you can lend a helping hand.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall Product

The Fall Product Sale is coming soon!  Troops wishing to participate in the Fall Product program need a Fall Product Manager to sign the following form:

Go to the bottom of the page.  This is an on-line form and will only take 30 seconds to complete. 

After signing the form, a receipt will be emailed to you and that form can be forwarded to Louise Turner at  Packets for your troop can then be picked up at any time. When you forward your email, please let me know HOW MANY GIRLS are in your troop so I can have your packet ready.

I will have packets ready to pick up at Ice Skating and the next Leader's meeting on 9/11. At the Leader's meeting, I will also product samples and can pass around the incentives.

Important Dates

October 7: Sale begins 
October 25: Presale ends, orders due to troop product manager
November 4-5: Product delivered to Louise and ready for pick up
December 3: Sale ends
December 10: Deadline to submit a "Parent Outstanding Balance Form."
December 11: All money for Fall Product must be deposited into troop account
December 14: Council withdraws funds to pay for product from troop account



Unify Website Log In

Fall Product Reorders through 12/3

Metro Phoenix Reorders:  Troops can pick up reorders at the Council Warehouse.  Council will assign the product to the troop, the troop assigns it to the girl in UNIFY.

Council Warehouse Cupboard  Location

Council Warehouse Cupboard Hours
Nov. 6-Dec.2
9:00 am-6:00 pm
Closing Early!  Nov. 22:  9-3:30
Closed Nov. 23Nov. 24Nov. 25

Saturday Hours:
Nov. 11:  9-1
Nov. 18 9-1
Dec. 2: 9-1

Closed Nov. 23

Friday, October 13, 2017

Songfest 2018

Troop 83 is hosting a singalong and s'mores campfire on Friday, November 3rd from 6:30 to 8:30.    

Each troop should come prepared with a song or skit to share. Cost is $3 per girl to cover the cost of the s'mores and a patch. The event is limited to 60 girls, so register now. 

Please see your email for Terri's email and address.

Email your RSVP to Terri and include the number of girls and your troop #.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Travel Pearls from the National Convention

Travel is an important part of the Girl Scout Experience. GSACPC is working get the word out on travel opportunities available to girls. As a part of that push, I collected a lot of information from various companies at the GSUSA National Convention.

Girl Scout Trips



Girl Scout Destinations are the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older! With different trips every year, there’s something amazing for everyone. Pack your bags full of life-changing experiences and make friends from all over the country as you travel with Girl Scouts from different states.

World Centers

World Centers offer Girl Scouts and Girl Guides a comfortable and safe place for short stays or long-term accommodations, seminars, training sessions, and international events. Members and their families are encouraged to visit the centers, meet girls from other countries, and build lasting friendships.

Domestic Travel

Passport to Chicago 

Ashley M. Christensen 
Senior Manager of ArtsCultural Awareness and Travel Programs Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana 312-912-6322

Space Camp

One Tranquility Base Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 837-3400 

Explore the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, featuring special activities and group pricing for scouts!
Girl Scout Engineering Day: Saturday, April 14, 2018 ($20)
Girl Scout Destinations Week: June 17-22, 2018 ($875)
Weeklong, overnight summer programs
Scouts can earn merit badges as part of our weeklong, overnight summer programs. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center 12-acre campground offers outdoor camping amenities to groups wanting to enjoy nature together for an evening

National Park Service Girl Scout Ranger

Girl Scout Ranger Program (ages 5-18) Whether you are a Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, the National Park Service has some fun activities for you. Become a Girl Scout Ranger and earn a patch! If you have earned your Gold Award, we want to congratulate you with a certificate. Check out what the Girl Scouts Journey program is all about!

Boundary Waters

Up for a challenge this summer? Then take off on a multi-day canoeing adventure through one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the country. Your adventure begins with learning to paddle, portage, and sleep in a backcountry tent. You will then test these skills with a three-, five-, seven- or 10-day canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Experience the great outdoors on water and reach your potential in ways you never thought you could on this high adventure experience.

Northern Lakes Canoe Base

Ann McNally

Director and Guide

Juliette Gordon Low National Trail

The Juliette Gordon Low National Trail is the first trail honoring the founder of Girls Scouts. 

The trail encourages girl scouts of all ages to embrace the outdoors, spreads knowledge about the importance of the outdoors and the importance of sustaining it, and teaches people about Girl Scouts and their founder Juliette Gordon Low.


Visit the birthplace, go on a ghost tour, travel on the historic trolley, and visit the wildlife center.


Join Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia for their Second Annual Girl Scout QuestFest on July 12-15, 2018. Drawing Girl Scouts from across the world, Girl Scouts and their families will participate in a massive “Quest” through Savannah’s Historic District to find items, do good deeds and tackle silly situations. Our rousing weekend of fun and friends will also include a Girl Scout Expo, camping at Girl Scout Camp Low, an unforgettable Bridging ceremony over the Talmadge, a blowout Celebration Concert and more! Between all of our events, the SWAPS, the swag and our beautiful city’s history, you’ll leave Savannah exhausted in the very best way.


Telfair Museums welcomes Girl Scout troops to embark on a journey of art and exploration while participating in badge earning activities! In this program, Girl Scouts achieve steps toward their Art Badge while also learning about an incredible woman, Mary Telfair, and her lasting legacy that made art accessible to the public.

Girl Scout Adventure Program $11

Mindy Shepherd
Tourism and Sales Manager
PO Box 10081
Savannah, GA 31412

Savannah Lodging

Katie Keener
Sales Manager
201 E Bay Street
Savannah, GA 31401

International Travel

EF Tours for Girl Scouts

Theme Parks

Cedar Fair Youth Programs

California's Great America Girl Scout Day: May 19, 2018
Carowinds (North Carolina) Girl Scout Day: October 2018
King's Dominion (Virginia) Girl Scout Bridging: June 9, 2018
Valleyfair (Minnesota) Girl Scout Day: June 2, 2018
Worlds of Fun (Missouri) Girl Scout Day: May 5, 2018
Michigan's Adventure Girl Scout Day: early June 2018

Scout Day: June 13, 2018
Save over $30 per person:
User name: GIRLSCOUT
Password: cookies
Group Sales: 800-448-2428, option 1

Kings Island 

Scout Day: June 18, 2018
Save over $30 per person:
Password: COOKIE
Group Sales: 513-754-5700

Disney Youth in Education Series

There are over 20 workshops to choose from at either Walt Disney World or Disneyland for groups of 10 or more.

Knott's Berry Farm

Scout Patch Program
Information is not available on the web, but programs include Transportation of the Past (grades 1-5), Geologist (grades 1-5), Early California (grades 1-5), Westward Movement (grades 1-5), and Early American Heritage (grades 3 and up). Cost is about $45-$7 per person and include park admission.  The programs are designed to meet activity badge requirements and girls can purchase an activity patch for $3.

Joel Barragan
Manager, Youth Sales

Universal Studios Orlando

Programs align with the Girl Scout Journeys and include the following:
  • Business Learning Series (Amaze, Girltopia, Your Voice, Your World)
  • Storytelling: It Starts with a Hero (Media)
  • Your Classroom in Motion: A Steam App Series (STEM Journeys)
  • Tours and Talks

Group Sales and Youth Programs
1000 Universal Studios Plaza
Orlando, FL 32819

Michelle Mugnaini
Sales Manager

Amber Pandohie
Sales Manager