Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Leader's Gala 2019

What: Mark your calendars on April 1st for the annual Pima Neighborhood Leader's Recognition Gala!  

Dinner  will be served, presents will be handed out to all attendees, and volunteers will be honored.

If you want to enjoy an adult beverage with your friends, this is a BYOB event.

Where: The event will be start at 6:30. Location still TBA.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

March Leader's Meeting


MSE Report/News
  • Spring Registration Incentives (May 1- June 30th)
Old Business
  • Thinking Day
  • Spring Encampment
  • Cookies for the Community (drop off at Diana's; anytime between now and March 18th. March 2-10, please text 480-221-2815 to let Joel know they are at the front door)
  • Other Cookie Business
New Business
  • Volunteer Awards
  • Leader Recognition Survey (Please complete before March 8th if you did not fill in last year or if you are new this year to Pima)
  • Call for Service Team Members for 2019-2020
    • Older Girl Representative (Senior or Ambassador)
    • Mountainside Middle School Coordinator
    • Desert Canyon Middle School Coordinator
    • Redfield School Coordinator
    • Cookie Incentives Coordinator
    • Leader Gala/Special Events Coordinator
    • Archway School Coordinator
    • Treasurer in Training
    • Cookie Trainer in Training
  • Level Break Outs
TONIGHT: Leader's social at Goldies, 8:15 pm

​April 1, Leader's Gala (Michelle/Pat/Diana)​
April 6, 2-4 Feed My Starving Children (Tracey/4307)
April 7Theater: James and the Giant Peach (Kelle/Diana; 2010/2256)​ 
  • Sold Out
April 27, Annual Meeting 
April 28Daisy Teddy Bear Tea

May 1Older Girl Celebration/Bridging (Michelle/Diana​​)​
May 17, Father/Daughter Dance (Holly/1265)

Brownie Mother/Daughter Tea (Laura)

 June 10-14th, Day Camp/PA Training (Diana/Lee) 
Attendance count: 80

August 17, 11-2, Ice Cream Social & Recruitment Event, Piccolo's Italian Ice (2256/Diana)
August 31, 6:15 to 8:15, Back-to-School Ice Skating at the Ice Den (2256/Diana)
Pool Party (83/Terri)

Bowling (Lucy/1612)


October 18-20, Encampment at Willow Springs
Juliette Low Birthday Party (4402/Maria)

January 10, Cookie Rally

February 23, 1:30 to 4:30,Thinking Day (2256/Diana)

Volunteer Appreciation Awards

It's that time of year when we honor all of our fantastic volunteers and give special recognition to those that have gone over and beyond to give their girls a fantastic experience and to contribute to the neighborhood. We need your help to point out those volunteers that deserve this special recognition. 

Neighborhood Awards (due March 25th)

The Volunteer of Excellence Award is given to a volunteer within a service unit who has contributed outstanding service while directly partnering with girls in support of the Girl Scout Mission.  To nominate a volunteer, please follow this link. Previous recipients are not eligible. Please feel free to email Diana and ask her if your candidate has already received this award.

There are some new volunteer awards available this year.  If you are interested in nominating someone for one of these awards, please email Diana.

The Outdoor Pathfinder Award recognizes volunteers who make outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts possible and provided creative, recreational, and educational outdoor opportunities for girls. Service can go beyond a troop experience to make the outdoor experience available to a wide number of girls. GSACPC will provide this pin at no expense to the Service Team.

The Innovator Award Recognizes a volunteer who brought the Girl Scout program to her/his service unit in the most creative or innovative way. 

The Rising Star Award is for an outstanding NEW troop leader  and recognizes a volunteer during their first three years, for service beyond the expectations for the position, or recognizes volunteers who have volunteered a minimum of 6 months to maximum of 36 months who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway.

The Standing Ovation Award recognizes a product program volunteer (Fall or Cookie) who has gone above and beyond the expected product sales duties and given service of exceptional benefit which warrants recognition. 

The Sustained Service Award recognizes continued outstanding service for 3 years after receiving the Volunteer of Excellence Award. Contact Diana to find out if your nominee is eligible for this award.

The Go-Get-Her Award recognizes a volunteer who has put significant effort and creativity into finding and recruiting more girls into Girl Scouts. 

Council Recognitions

Nominations and endorsements need to be completed and turned in by September 1

Appreciation Pin
 - This is given to a volunteer for outstanding service in at least one geographic area, neighborhood, or program delivery audience. 

Honor Pin
 - This pin is given to a volunteer for outstanding service in two geographic areas or program delivery audiences. 

For information about all available recognitions, please visit this page:

Finance Reports Due May 31

In a effort to streamline Financial Reports this year, Council is requesting that all Financial Reports be completed online.  To do this, you must log onto the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pines website and go to "My GS."  Once logged in, select "Volunteer Toolkit" and then "Finances."  The online form will then load to fill in.

The Financial Form (MS-23) can be found in "Forms Library."  It is not a mandatory requirement this year to complete your detailed cash summary or include your bank statement.  However, you should know all your income and expenses for this current year; random audits will occur.  Please keep copy of your MS-23 and your bank statement.  

Troop Finance reporting is a condition of auditing and must occur yearly.  Due dates for Troop Finance Reports should be turned in at time of troop renewal.  GSACPC is requesting all reports must be submitted to them by September.  

I strongly suggest that you complete your MS-23 by end of May.  It is the completion of your Girl Scout Year, and your year's accomplishments are fresh in your mind.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Older Girl Recognition Ceremony

Pima Neighborhood

 Recognition Event

Wednesday, May 1, 7-8 pm
Location: Laguna Elementary School Cafeteria

Pima is proud to host its fifth girl recognition event. If you have girls who have earned the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, have hosted a neighborhood event, or are seniors in high school, please invite them to this event. This is an opportunity for you to present their awards (that you have purchased) or to publicly acknowledge their accomplishments. Pima will provide flowers for high school bridgers, as well as Silver and Gold Award recipients, as well as a reception for girls and their supporting troops and families.

Girls who have earned their Gold Award should plan to bring their gold notebook and board to the event.

If you have a girls who are in eighth, tenth, or twelfth grade, they may bridge at this event.  All girls will bridge together with girls from other troops in their grade.  Please send me a list of names of girls who are bridging. 

This is a formal, "uniform" event.  Please ask your girls to wear white shirts and black bottoms plus a vest or sash.

For the program, I need the following:
  • Troop #
  • Correct spelling of all girls' names
  • A list of awards.  We recognize "metal" awards earned in since the beginning of the current Girl Scout year (October 1, 2018). "Metal" awards include Presidential Service Awards, service bars and leadership torches, as well as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards.  If you wish to recognize other accomplishments, please check with Diana.  
  • A complete record of neighborhood event volunteer service to the neighborhood by each girl

You may also email this information to
Deadline for submission is April 24
Absolutely NO Exceptions
If information is not submitted by April 24, it will not be included in the program

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Daisy Teddy Bear Tea Party

                              Come celebrate Mother's Day early at the Teddy Bear Tea Party!!

Bring your favorite Teddy Bear along and mom or mom-figure (and/or Grandma!) to enjoy tea (or lemonade), tiny sandwiches, and some sweets.

Teddy Bear stories will be told and some of your favorite characters may just drop by to read their own stories.

When: April 28, 1 pm
Where: Bookmaze, 1300 W. University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201
Cost: $5 per person, includes a patch

Checks should be made out to Pima Neighborhood and mailed to Diana.

Send questions to  You can sign up as a troop or individually with your mother/mom-figure.

Friday, February 1, 2019

February Leader's Meeting Agenda


MSE Report/News

New Business
Old Business

  • Cookies


TONIGHT: Leader's social at Goldies, 8:15 pm

January 21- March 1, daily, Cookie Cupboard
Girls in grades 6 and up and leaders, sign up to help at the cupboard here.

February 24, Thinking Day (Diana/2256) 
  • Countries taken: Japan, France, Hungary, Turkey, India, Greece, England, China, Italy, Russia, Ireland, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands
  • Payment and final count is due TODAY
  • SWAPS on display today
  • Various FREE supplies available at the leader's meeting 

March 1-3, Spring Encampment at Shadow Rim (Lee/2010)
Father/Daughter Dance (Holly/1265)
Safety Workshop for Older Girls (Savannah/Diana)
​April 1, Leader's Gala (Michelle/Pat/Diana)​
April 6, 2-4 Feed My Starving Children (Tracey/4307)
* April 7Theater: James and the Giant Peach (Kelle/Diana; 2010/2256)​ 
  • Sold Out
April 27, Annual Meeting 
April 28, Daisy Teddy Bear Tea

May 1Older Girl Celebration/Bridging (Michelle/Diana​​)​

 *June 10-14th, Day Camp/PA Training (Diana/Lee) 
Attendance count: 13


August 17, 11-2, Ice Cream Social & Recruitment Event, Piccolo's Italian Ice