Friday, April 30, 2021

May Brownie Book Club

Our last book for the year will be...

Katie Kazoo Switcheroo - Camp Rules!

Meeting will be Saturday, May 22 at 2pm.

Get ready to have some fun camp activities and get a chance to work through our virtual Escape room!

Sign up here to join for this meeting and more to come and to get the Zoom link.

May Leader's Meeting

Our leader's meeting will be at either 10 am or 7 pm on Monday, May 3rd.  The links to the meeting were emailed to you and are posted on Facebook.  They do not change from month to month.  


Shout outs 
  • New Board Members: Aarohi G(4727) and returing board members Ella H(2256) and Madison K(2010)
  • Grazia C. (4727) and Kennedy C. (2256) were asked to sit on council board committees
  • Neighborhood Volunteer Awards

  Day Camp Update 


Cookie Incentives (Ashlye) (pick up if you haven't)
Registration (Ashlye)
Lifetime Memberships for leaders with 10 years of volunteering --$200
Service Team Member Positions Available
Level books available (free)

Leader Meeting Dates 2021-2022 


May Community Service: DIY Toys for Animal Shelters  
May 2, 3 pm, Zoom Community Service Meeting 
May 8, 7 am, Mother's Day Hike
May 22, 2 pm, Brownie Book club
May 22, 2:30 pm, Junior Book club

June 14-18th, Day Camp
Due July 31, Nailed It! Challenge

Pool Party
Ice Skating
Ice Cream Social


Juliette Low Birthday Celebration

December 18, Jingle Bell Hike

February 27, Thinking Day (2256/4727)

March Community Service: Jared Boxes, due March 31 (2256/4727)

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

May Community Service Project

Troops 4402 and 2010 are hosting a Zoom meeting to gather and make pet toys (instructions below, see email for the zoom link).  

They are also organizing a donation supply drive for the three shelters listed above as well as Foothills Animal Rescue.

Please see the following links for each shelter’s supply wish list and/or link to make a monetary donation.

Home Fur Good wish list: and

Fearless Kitty Rescue wish list:

Tranquility Trails Animal Sanctuary wish list:  and

Foothills Animal Rescue wish list:

All DIY pet toys and donation supplies can be dropped off at either Diana’s or Maria McDaniel‘s house by Monday, May 24.  Maria’s address is 9105 E. Hillery Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.  

When dropping off supplies and/or DIY pet toys, please indicate the individual names of each girl that participated in the event as well as the troop number.  For supply donations, please indicate for  which shelter the items are intended.

Please make sure to complete the Google form by Friday, May 28 in order for your girls to receive their patches.


DIY Rope Dog Toy Instructions

Supplies needed: numerous clean, old t-shirts, scissors, tape measure/ruler

1. Find multiple different colored t-shirts that are at least 20 inches in length or height.

2. Cut off both of the sleeves and cut through one side of the shirt.

3. Cut the shirts into strips that are 20 inches long and 2 inches wide.

4. Tie 3 strips together on one end.

5. Braid the strips.

6. Tie the other end in a knot.

Instructions for Cat Sock Toys


  • Sock (Preferably no-show socks)

  • Newspaper

  • Catnip (optional)

  1. Crumble a small piece of newspaper into a ball

  2. Stuff the paper inside of the sock

  3. OPTIONAL  Add in a pinch of catnip

  4. Tie a knot as close to the chunk of newspaper as you can

Cat Frayed Toilet Paper Roll Toys

Supplies:  toilet paper rolls and scissors 

  • Cut slits about half an inch along each end of the toilet paper roll all the way around
  • Fan or spread out the cut edges on both ends of the toilet paper roll 
  • Slide the toy across the room or toss it in the air for your cat

Cat Wand Toys

Supplies needed:  scissors, school or fabric glue, a binder clip, a few feathers, a spool of yarn, dowel sticks, and a paper towel in case there are any spills 

Step 1: Tie the yarn in a knot about halfway on the stick.  I would suggest a double knot which will help keep the yarn in place.  

Step 2:  Apply glue on one side of the stick then you can either spread the glue with your finger or a second stick.  If you use your finger, make sure you wipe the remaining glue off using the paper towel. 

Step 3:  Now wrap the yarn around the glue and stick.  Make sure there are no gaps between the yarn and wrap it tightly.

Step 4:  After you wrap the yarn around the stick, use the clip to hold the yarn in place at the end of the stick. You may remove the clip when the glue dries.  Next, unroll about a foot of yarn and cut the piece off from the spool of yarn.

Step 5:  Now make a loop at the end of the yarn as if you are starting to make a knot as if you are tying a shoe. Now place the end of the feathers in the loop and tie a tight double knot.

Here is your toy ready for use! I hope your cat likes playing with it. 

Rabbit Toy - Hay & Treat Filled Toilet Paper Rolls

Supplies: Clean, Empty Toilet Paper Rolls, Scissors, Timothy Hay, Large Oat Groats or Botanical Blends (purchase Timothy hay, oat groats, and botanical blend at Tranquility Trails Animal Sanctuary)

Step 1: Flatten toilet paper roll.  Cut four to five little triangles in the sides of the toilet paper roll, making sure to not cut the holes too big.

Step 2: Put hay in one end of the toilet paper roll.

Step 3: Take a pinch of your large oat groats or botanical blends and sprinkle it in the center of the toilet paper roll on top of the hay.

Step 4: Put hay on the other end of roll and the toy is done!

Rabbit Toy - Hay & Treat Filled Paper Bags

Supplies: Brown Paper Lunch Size Bags, Hole Punch (of any shape), Rabbit Safe Twine (Hyper Tough 190’ Jute Twine Natural - $1.97 each - found at Wal-Mart in Hardware section - item #569924329), Scissors, Timothy Hay, Large Oat Groats or Botanical Blends (purchase Timothy hay, oat groats, and botanical blend at Tranquility Trails Animal Sanctuary)

Step 1: Fold brown paper lunch size bag lengthwise in thirds.  Use the hole punch to punch holes randomly along the folded edges of the bag.  Only punch the holes in the center third of the bag, as roughly measured from the top and bottom of the bag.  You do not want to punch holes too close to the top opening of the bag or the bottom of the bag, as the hay and treats will fall out of the holes.

Step 2: Put enough hay in the bottom of the bag to fill it up approximately 1/4 of the way.

Step 3: Take a pinch of your large oat groats or botanical blends and sprinkle it in the center of the brown paper bag on top of the hay.

Step 4: Put additional hay on top of your oats/botanical blend to fill the bag up approximately half full.

Step 5:  Cut a piece of the jute twine approximately 6 to 8 inches long. Gather the top of the hay filled paper bag and tie the twine tightly around the bag in either a knot or a bow.  Your bunny treat bag is done!

The DIY pet toys will be donated to the following local animal shelters.

Home Fur Good - for dogs and cats

Fearless Kitty Rescue - for cats

Tranquility Trails Animal Sanctuary - for rabbits

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Pima's 2021 Volunteer Recognitions

Volunteers of Excellence

For outstanding service providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls or supporting building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

  • Kelley Hurley
  • Penelope Plache
  • Melissa Kramer-Caramucci
  • Elizabeth Sinkwitz
  • Serena Schein

Sustained Service Awards
The Sustained Service Award recognizes individuals for their continued outstanding service for 3 years after receiving the Volunteer of Excellence Award.
The following volunteers were received the sustained service award. We are particularly grateful to these long-serving volunteers of excellence.
  • Brandy Altstadter
  • Ruthe Aggarwal
  • Ashlye White Kennedy
  • Lucy Rohani
Innovator Awards
Congratulations to our 2021 Innovator Award recipients. This award recognizes a volunteer who brought the Girl Scout program to her/his service unit in the most creative or innovative way.
Pima recipients are being honored for their leadership on the new community service team or for delivering effective cookie training virtually that continued throughout the cookie sale.
  • Jennifer Oh
  • Tracey Locke
  • Kelli Northey
  • Kelley Hurley
  • Teresa Dempsey
  • Diana Laulainen-Schein
We also want to recognize
Kathryn Neumann
, Lily Stockwell, and Kate Pennington for their work on the community service committee, as well as the following troops for sponsering monthly service projects: 2010, 4307, 4402, 4361, 4339, 2256/4727, 4312 and 981.

Go-Get-Her Award
The Go-get-her Award recognizes a volunteers who have put significant effort and creativity into finding and recruiting more girls into Girl Scouts.
In Pima we use this award to recognize volunteers who serve as school organizers or who volunteer at recruitment events but we also recognize leaders who keep the circle of membership open and agree to merge troops or otherwise take new members into their established troops.
Pima's 2021 Go-Get-Her Award recipients:
  • Elizabeth Sinkwitz
  • Maria McDaniel
  • Cheryl Graham
I would also like to recognize the following volunteers for their recruitment efforts during this weird year. Ashlye Kennedy, Katie Honeycutt, Samantha Greeban, Lucy Rohani, Penelope Plache, Rachel Osero, Elizabeth Sinkwitz, Kelley Hurley and our girl recruitment team members Isabel Rohani, Julia Kennedy, Natalie Pietrczak, and Kat Sinkwitz.

Standing Ovation Awards
The Standing Ovation award recognizes a product program volunteer (Fall or Cookie) who has gone above and beyond the expected product sales duties and given service of exceptional benefit which warrants recognition. 

Each year Pima uses this award to recognize individuals for their service to the council in working at the cookie cupboard and for those leaders and cookie managers whose troops post high sales numbers in the product sales, as well as those who volunteer for cookie distribution and cookie rally.

Thank you and congratulations to 
  • Jyoti Pillai 
  • Nicole Hyde Curren
  • Terri Strelish 
  • Mary Little
  • Brandy Altstadter
  • Penelope Plache
  • Kristen Shroyer 
  • Anita Rawlings
  • Penelope Plache
  • Lauren Bengert
  • Diana Laulainen-Schein
Rising Star Awards
Rising Star Awards are given to outstanding new troop leaders and recognizes a volunteer during their first three years for service beyond the expectations for the position. Pima's 2021 Rising Stars are as follows:
  • Cheryl Graham
  • Anita Rawlings
  • Jennifer Prior
  • Jennifer Dent
Outdoor Pathfinder Awards
The Outdoor Pathfinder award recognizes volunteers who make outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts possible and provided creative, recreational, and educational outdoor opportunities for girls.
This year Pima recognizes the following people for their outstanding efforts to provide montly outdoor programming for the neighborhood.
  • Melissa Caramucci
  • Elizabeth Sinkwitz
Appreciation goes out to our Outdoor committee girl members Grazia Caramucci and Madison Koetz and to Lee Kline and Sandy Stratton who are previous recipients of the pathfinder award.

Years of Service
The following volunteers received their three years of service pins: Dawn Bayne, Jennifer Dent, Jennifer Nuss, Jennifer Prior, Karalyn Folmes, Kelley Hurley, Patrick Schoenling, and Serena Schein.

The following volunteers received their five years of service pins: Emily Sullivan, Katie Honeycutt, Maria McDaniel, Melissa Celaya, and Cheryl Florendo.

The following volunteers received their 10 years of service pins: Ashlye Kennedy and Catherine Bell

The following volunteers received their 15 years of service pins: Susan Butler, Jodi Weaver, and Michelle Johns.

Last but certainly not least, Pima thanks Sherrie Noll for her 20 years of service to Girl Scouts.

Numeral Guards
Numeral guards are awarded for every five years of membership (girl + adult years). The following members received guards:
Five-year guards: Cheryl Florendo,
Anita Rawlings
, Laura McNelis,
Katie Honeycutt
Maria McDaniel
Dorothy Jokerst
Marni Steinberg
Miranda McCuistion
Ten-year guards:
Catherine Bell
, Ruthe Aggarwal,
Lucy Rohani
Terri Strelish
, Kendra Vaughn, and
Kelley Hurley
15-year guards:
Ashlye Kennedy
Jodi Weaver
, and
Serena Schein
20-year guard:
Michelle Johns

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Summer Day Camp 2021

What is Summer Day Camp?

An awesome, week-long summer day camp. The theme this year is Around the World.

Daily activities include art, robotics, science, dance, sports, and more. We offer six different programs every day! Our day camp fills up fast because it's so fun, so register now! 

Programs include sports with Ziggy, science with Marshmallow and Sassafras, mystery activities with Cucumber, and so much more!

Day Camp is planned and organized by Girl Scout Troop 2256/4727, a multi-level Girl Scout troop from Pima Neighborhood (part of Girl Scouts―Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, Inc.).  Camp activities are led by volunteer Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts and supervised by adult volunteers.


Day Camp is scheduled for June 14-18 (Monday through Friday). Camp will be held in two sessions with up to 50 campers each (limiting groups to 10 girls to ensure social distancing). 

Session 1: 9:00AM-12:PM

Session 2: 1:00PM-4:00PM


Notre Dame Preparatory

9701 E Bell Rd

Scottsdale , AZ 85260

Who Can Attend?

Day Camp is limited to 100 campers (split into two sessions) who are registered in a Pima or Indian Bend neighborhood troop (Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts, who have just completed K-5 grades in May). Our staff will be 20 older girl volunteers (grades 8+) and at least 10 adult volunteers (18+ years)

If your daughter is in a troop outside of the Pima and Indian Bend Neighborhoods, she may attend day camp but you must be a registered and background checked volunteer who is willing to volunteer for at least two days to assist us in meeting girl/adult ratio. Cost for out-of-neighborhood Girl Scouts is $150.

**Girls must have current membership with Girl Scouts.** 

Girls living in the Desert Mountain High School complex or who attend Pinnacle Peak, Sonoran Sky, or Grayhawk elementary schools who are not Girl Scout members may also attend but will be required to join Girl Scouts. Membership is $25 and girls need not join a troop (although we are happy to assist you in finding a permanent Girl Scout home).

Program Aide Program for Grades 6-9

Girl Scouts who have just completed grades 6-9 may register for a special older girl program.  This program is designed to give them the leadership skills to be camp counselors and to assist with other neighborhood programs.  Girls who enroll in this program will earn their Program Aide award during the week, as well as get their first aid certification, and earn some cool robotics badges.  There is limited space in this program.  If your daughter is just completing 5th grade, she may opt to be a camper or for this new PA program.  Please think about the choice carefully; a very mature 5th grader will do fine in this program but many girls this age will "fit" better in the regular camp program. 

What is the Cost?

$100 per girl for regular campers. $50 for girls in grades 6-9 who register for the PA program

Please see the registration form for payment instructions.

How Do I Register?

Fill in this online form and then mail your completed permission slip/health form.

The registration link is here.

(Please note: if there is demand and staff, we will also offer a Zoom camp. Please follow the link and tell us if you prefer Zoom camp).

The registration link for adult volunteers is here.

We need adult volunteers who are registered/background checked members of GSUSA.  To guarantee a spot for your camper, agree to help as an adult volunteer!  Pima volunteers may earn a rebates of up to $100 if you agree to help as an adult volunteer. As an adult volunteer, you are free to read, work, or otherwise amuse yourself.  I need your presence for ratio, but we do not need you to do more than attend.  Many of our volunteers work remotely.

The registration link for older girl volunteers is here.

What Does my Girl Scout Need to Bring?

Everyone should bring a bottle of water each day. Lunches are not necessary, as campers will not be eating lunch at camp. Girls must also wear closed-toe shoes, and don't forget a mask!

Drop Off, Pick Up, and Safety

Day Camp will follow all council guidelines. Masks will be required and groups will be limited to ten girls to ensure social distancing.

All girls must be signed in and out by a parent/guardian each day.  If she is going home with someone else, we must receive a note from the parent.  Please pick up your camper on time. No supervision will be provided before 8:45AM or after 12:15AM (session 1) / before 1:45PM or after 3:15PM (session 2).

What About...?

For more information, please contact Girl Scout Troop 2256 at

Older Girl Leadership Opportunities

We are excited to offer some great ways for our Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts to be part of the Girl Scout leadership and service team!  

This is a great way to give service and build your leadership skills while helping make Girl Scouts strong.

Please fill out the form to let us know your interests.

Service team

There are at-large positions available on the service team. We expect you to attend monthly leader meetings (evenings) and use your voice.  We encourage you to consider one of the following teams.

Community Service Team

The community service team will plan and carry out or work with troops carrying out neighborhood-wide service projects.   Projects are monthly.   Team meetings will be a couple of times a year, plus emails and working via Google spreadsheet. Find out more here.

The STEM team will plan neighborhood-wide STEM activities, including but not limited to robotics and general science activities.  Eventually, the neighborhood would like to have its own robotics teams through First Tech Challenge.  Bring your ideas and your science, math, and technology passions to this team!

Recruitment Team
Do you love Girl Scouts and think every girl should join? Then the recruitment team is the job for you. Read more about this team here.

Outdoor Events Team
Girls on this team will plan and carry out neighborhood-wide outdoor activities. Meetings will be monthly and there are many activities in the works including monthly hikes, bicycle rides, outdoor skills, letter boxing, and astronomy.  

Troop Leader (for mult-level troop 6222)
Lee and Diana have a multi-level troop that meets once a month on Saturdays.  It is older-girl led. If you want to join the group that plans and leads these meetings, we'd love to expand the team.  We do ask that you complete program aide training (through council of offered each year at day camp) before you join this team.

Also, don't forget you're invited to help put on many of our neighborhood events, such as

Monday, April 5, 2021

April Service Project

For our April service project in honor of Earth Day, join us in planting a tree, bush, flower, or house plant! 

Take a picture of your troop or Girl Scout completing the activity and send it to Troop 981 will put together a video of all the pictures and share it to the Pima Neighborhood Facebook page.

We also can provide seeds, if you need some to plant. Contact to pick them up.

Be sure to complete the in order for your girls to receive their Earth Day patch.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

2021 Nailed It Challenge

This activity can be done at any time between June 1 and July 31.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Nailed It! Please check out this video: 

To participate, please submit four to ten photos to of your version of the cake pictured here.  Please use your own name (not Moreaya) on the cake.

Photos will be shared and celebrated on the Pima Neighborhood Facebook page.

Taste is important because your family will be eating your masterpiece, but for this competition, what we are looking for is a visual match to the original design.

Participants will receive a patch.


1. The baked product needs to be your best version of a copy of the pictured cake.
2. All decorative elements should be edible.
3. A minimum of four photos taken from different angles should be submitted.  The more photos, the better. Please feel free to zoom in on details.
4. The baker must appear in at least one of the pictures with her creation.
5. Please sign up for this challenge using this short form: