Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Girl Scout Trivia

Test your GS IQ!

1. The color of a Daisy vest is:
2. The color of a cadette/senior/ambassador vest is:
3. The things worn on the front of a vest for a learning skill are called:
4. A patch for an event, such as an encampment or cookie sales, are worn where?
5. For each year of membership in Girl Scouts, a girl can wear what?
6. On what day was Juliette Low born?
7. In what city was Girl Scouts founded?
8. What year was Girl Scouts founded?
9. Juliette Low modeled Girl Scouts on the English Boy Scouts organized by what man?
10. Name a world center?
11. What day is Thinking Day?
12. March 12 is the Girl Scout Birthday. It is the anniversary of what?
13. T/F Boy Scouts of America is a much older institution than the Girl Scouts?
14. What does WAGGGS stand for?
15. Thinking Day celebrates?
16. Where is Our Chalet located?
17. T/F The WAGGGS sign is the same as the GSUSA sign (three fingers of the right hand held at about shoulder level)
18. The two stars on the WAGGGS pin stand for what?
19. The highest award in Girl Scouts is called what?
20. What is the highest award a Cadette Girl Scout can earn?
21. How many international centers are there?
22. Where is Our Cabana?
23. Which cookie is the original Girl Scout cookie?
24. How many parts are there to the Girl Scout promise?
25.What is the hat worn by a Brownie called?
26. Which two animals did Juliette Low own? Ostrich, Penguin, Parrot, Cat, Mouse, Snake, Mockingbird, or Hamster.
27. Juliette Low loved to draw and was good at learning foreign languages.  What subjects did she find difficult?
28. The blue pin you wear is called what?
29. The blue pin is worn above/below the trefoil pin?
30. Juliette Low had hearing problems. She lost part of her hearing as a child and it was made worse at her wedding when what happened?
31. Who "invented" Scouting?
32. Scouting was founded in which country?
33. Who was the first Chief Girl Guide?
34. The approximate membership of WAGGGS is?
35. How many countries are members of WAGGGS?
36. The blue on the WAGGGS pins symbolizes what?
37. What do the the three leaves of the trefoil symbolize?
38. What was the cause of Juliette Low's death?
39. What is the WAGGGS motto?
40. Sangam translates to what?
41. The base or stalk on the symbolizes what?
42. The line or vein in the center of the WAGGGS pin symbolizes what?
43. What color was the original Girl Scout uniform?
44. How many siblings did Juliette have?
45. Who baked the first Girl Scout cookies?
46. What was the first Girl Scout handbook called?
47. What did Juliette Low's girls call her?
48. How many girls were in the first Girl Scout troop?
49. What was Juliette's husband's name?
50. What did Juliette sell to found Girl Scouts?
51. Who was the first registered Girl Scout?
52. How many parts are there in the GS Law?
53. How did meetings end traditionally?

Other trivia bits.

  • The original color of the uniform was changed to khaki because the red Georgia dirt showed too much on navy.
  • Juliette Low practiced palm reading.
  • Two of the earliest Girl Scout activities were basketball and camping.
  • Edith Wilson was the first honorary president.
  • Juliette Gordon Low always carried a knife, a whistle, and a cup.
  • The second handbook was called "Scouting for Girls."
  • Until 1923, adults could earn and wear proficiency badges
  • Lou Henry Hoover as both honorary president and elected national president of the Girl Scouts
  • Juliette Gordon Low died on January 27, 1927.
  • The national headquarters were in Savannah, moved to Washington DC in 1913, and then to NYC in 1916.
  • Juliette's parrot was called Polly Poons.
  • A film called "The Golden Eaglet" was produced and shown in theaters in 1918.
  • During WWII, the Liberty Ship, was named to honor Juliette Low.

1. Blue
2. Khaki
3. Badges
4. Back of the vest or sash
5. A membership star with a colored disk
6. Halloween, October 31
7. Savannah, GA
8. 1912
9. Lord Baden-Powell
10. Pax Lodge, Our Cabana, Our Chalet, Sangam
11. February 22
12. The formation of Girl Scouts in the USA
13. False. Boy Scouts was founded less than two years before Girl Scouts.
14. World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
15. Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world
16. Switzerland
17. True
18. The promise and the law
19. Gold Award
20. Silver Award
21. Four
22. Mexico
23. Trefoil/shortbread
24. Three
25. Beanie
26. Parrot and mockingbird
27. Spelling and arithmetic
28. WAGGGS pin or World Trefoil Pin
29. Above
30. A piece of rice got stuck in her left ear
31. Lord Baden Powell
32. England
33. Olave, Lady Baden-Powell
34. 10 million
35. 145
36. The sky and sun shining over all the children of the world
37. The three parts of the promise
38. Breast cancer
39. Be Prepared
40. Coming Together
41. A flame, which represents the love of humanity and the flame that burns in the hearts of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.
42. The compass needle pointing the way
43. Navy
44. Five, three sisters and two brothers
45. Girl Scouts
46. "How Girls can Help their Country" 
47. Miss Daisy. Her uncle gave her the nickname of "Daisy."
48. 18. There were over 1000 girls registered by 1914 and 100,000 registered by 1925.
49. Willie Low. They were married in 1886.
50. Her pearls.
51. Her niece, Daisy.
52. 10
53. By singing "Taps"