Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Encampment Norms

We had a lot of new campers at Encampment this weekend and it reminded those of us who have been doing it for awhile that norms aren't normal to newbies. So here is a list of "norms" in no particular order.

  1. Check in upon arrival at the main lodge with Lee and expect a camp meeting about 8 pm on Friday night.
  2. Walk at all times at camp.
  3. Three whistle blows = "I Need Help." Two whistle blows = "I'm coming."  
  4. Cars must be backed into parking spaces.
  5. Keys to cars should be carried at all times.
  6. Cars must be parked in the common lot, never at your personal campsite.
  7. Food should be stored in the program shelter closet.  Food should never be kept in cabins.
  8. At check out, everyone in a unit has to be ready to leave before the unit can be checked out.
  9. When loading for departure, please empty your cabins and pile your gear in one spot before bringing your cars in to load.
  10. A campfire is "out" when the ashes are cool enough to touch.
  11. HOT (Hour of Tranquility) is a suggestion not a rule. Do what is right for your troop.
  12. When we have a cook, mess kits are not needed.  They cook AND do the dishes for us!
  13. No open-toed shoes... and definitely no flip flops :)
  14. Adults should not be doing kapers; this is the girls' chance to learn to use a broom, roll a sleeping bag, wipe a table...
  15. No alcohol.
  16. Hats off during flag ceremonies.
  17. At meals, girls bus and clean their own tables.  They should also be doing that for their leaders/chaperones.  There is an "in" and an "out" door when entering either the kitchen or the dish return area.
  18. Everyone needs to bring completed health forms for both girls and adults.
  19. Don't forget to have girls bring swaps, and the girls should be making the swaps.
  20. No suitcases, only duffle bags or backpacks.
  21. Expect the temperature to be around 5-10 degrees cooler than the posted temperature in Prescott.
  22. Drink plenty of water to avoid altitude sickness (make sure you have a water bottle).
  23. No need to bring bottled water.  Water at camp is delicious.
What else did you learn this weekend that I forgot to add to this list?  Email your suggestions for additions.