Friday, August 31, 2018

Badge Bonanza

Glendale Community College
6000 W Olive Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302, USA
Description:September 29, 2018 | 9am-12pm or 1-4pm
Cost: Earn one badge for $8 or two badges for $15! Cost includes supplies and badge.
August 8 – September 7, 2018
Register online at
Here are the badges you can earn:
Girl Scout Daises
• Outdoor Art Maker – Learn to look at nature like an artist, play color games, paint a landscape, make a maraca & dance.
• Safety Pin – Learn how to call for help, safety in a fire, play games with other Girl Scouts and meet with a fire fighter.
• Good Neighbor – Learn what makes a good neighbor, design an art project showing different parts of your town and explore with a storyteller what makes the state of Arizona special.
• What Robots Do – Find out what robots can do, design your own robot and make your own gadget to take home.
Girl Scout Brownies
• Painting – learn tips from an artist, explore abstract painting, try a project without a brush, and contribute to a mural.
• First Aid – Meet an Emergency First Responder, practice bandaging wounds, Check-Call-Care, learn to avoid dangers in the kitchen, and make a mini first aid kit to take home.
• Celebrating Community – Make a special Girl Scout Swap that represents our state, go on a landmark hunt, sing patriotic songs, make pom-poms to cheer for our veterans at the next parade, and learn to fold a flag.
• Programming Robots – Use your senses to build a machine, play code a friend, make a gadget to take home, and spend time in the computer lab testing Hour of Code.
Girl Scout Juniors • 
Drawing – Explore your inner artist as you experiment with different materials, lean about shading and perspective from an artist, try your talent as a graphic designer and decorate a portfolio to hold your projects.
• First Aid – Meet an Emergency First Responder, learn what to do when someone is choking, master techniques to protect
yourself and others from germs, practice basic first aid, and make a mini first aid kit to take home.
• Inside Government – explore how to become a United State Citizen and explore how our government works, Interview an elected official, hold a “mock vote” on community laws, and create a campaign poster on an issue important to you.
• Programming Robots – explore simple machines, computer science, and computational thinking, discover how robots act on instructions as they create their own programs and make a gadget to take home.
Girl Scout Cadettes
• Comic Artist – Explore the world of comics, meet an artist, learn how to draw an animal or facial expressions to tell the story, try your own hand at creating a comic panel.
• First Aid – learn how to treat minor illnesses and injuries, how to care for children, interview an EMT, and perform CPR.
• Finding Common Ground – meet a new GS friend and discover your similarities and differences, learn techniques of debate and compromise from a professional, practice a “mock debate” and mediate as you role play a cookie conflict.
• Special Agent – explore the world of forensic science, fingerprinting, interview a professional, play the eyewitness challenge to evaluate your skills of observation, learn about some of the tools law enforcement use to read a suspect.
Girl Scout Seniors 
• Collage – No matter what you do with your collage, there won't be another just like it in the world. Everything from the materials you choose to how they are assembled, is up to you. Get ready to see the creative possibility in everyday objects. Review the list of items to bring on the confirmation note for this badge.
• First Aid – Learn CPR, Interview an EMT, recognize the signs of drug overdose and help someone with a neck injury.
• Behind the Ballot – In a democracy voting isn’t just a right it’s a responsibility. Learn from people in the action how elections
work, investigate voting, get creative and design your own campaign AD, and explore an international election.
• Science of Style – explore the science behind makeup, perfume, fashion fabrics and skin care products. Learn how to grade a
gem, and create a piece of ecofriendly jewelry using recycled materials.
Ambassador Girl Scouts
• Photographer – Your photos show others how you see the world. Learn how to get the most out of your camera phone.
• First Aid – Interview an EMT professional and ask them questions about their training and job, discuss how to triage an accident scene, and tips for handling injuries in the wilderness.
• Public Policy – to influence change, it’s important to know how a citizen can work to affect public policy. Interview an elected official and meet a community activist,and compare how different state laws effect teenagers.
• Good Credit – Benjamin Franklin said “Remember that credit is money”. It is almost impossible to get through life without borrowing money for college, car or a house. This workshop will help you understand finances that lead to those dreams.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Community Service Day

Come Lend a Hand at Pima Neighborhood’s Community Service Day

Sunday, October 21, 2018, 2:00—4:00
Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church

9590 E. Shea Boulevard
(NW corner of 96 th and Shea—not on Mountain view)

Girl Scouts of all ages, from Daisy to Ambassador, will have the opportunity to participate in, or lead, service projects.

Tables can be reserved for troops to gather donations, create items for their favorite charity, educate other girls about a need in the community, and/or call girls to action. Past projects have included: making cards for the elderly, tying
blankets for the homeless, stuffing pillows for a pet shelter, etc. See reverse to reserve a table for your project.

Troop 231 is sponsoring the event and the main project: Shoebox Ministry. Please bring donations from the list below. Younger girls will be paired with older girls in putting together these care boxes.

To register for this event, please send the following information to Kelly (please check flyer that was emailed to you for contact information).

Register by Friday, October 12 th

Troop # ______ 
Level: Daisies/Brownies/Juniors/Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassador 
Number of girls: ______
Leader Name(s): 

Contact e-mail(s):

Contact phone (s): 


Cost: $2.00 per girl for badge and clean-up fee 

Total: _____ (checks need to be made out to Pima Neighborhood)

Shoebox Ministry Needs


Adult items
  • regular or travel size shampoo
  • regular or travel size conditioner
  • tube toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • washcloth
  • deodorant
  • bar of soap
  • hair brush and comb
  • band aids
  • disposable razors
  • body lotion
  • pocket size packet of tissues
  • pair of socks (new or clean used)

Children’s items

  • child’s toothbrush
  • tube child’s toothpaste
  • bottle of children’s shampoo
  • washcloth
  • bar of soap
  • hairbrush and comb
  • Fun band aids
  • book (new or partially used)
  • stuffed animal (new or partially used)
  • pair of socks (new or partially used)
  • Other optional items:
  • small packet of laundry soap
  • shower cap
  • bath/shower gel
  • hair spray
  • small notebook

First Aid Training

We have set up a 1st Aid/CPR Training for October 23rd and November 7th at the Congregational Church of the Valley, 12001 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale AZ 85259.

The class will start promptly at 6 PM and will be over around 9:30 PM. Attendees should arrive 10 -15 minutes early so that we can start on time. The cost is $40.00 per person and checks should be made payable to Pima Neighborhood.  

We need a minimum of 8 to hold the class and registration is due by October 16 for the October 23rd training. If we do not have 8 by that date, the class will be cancelled. Please give your payment to Susan Vargas at the neighborhood meetings or mail it to Susan (see email for mailing address).

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fourth Annual Juliette Low Birthday Party

Pima Neighborhood is celebrating Juliette Low's Birthday!

When: November 4, 2 pm to 4 pm

Where: Scottsdale Ranch Park, Ramada 8. Click here for a map of the park.
What: Jungle Jill's Animal Encounters, party games, and cake!

Cost is $5 per girl (no charge for leaders). Checks should be made out to Pima Neighborhood. Troops will be issued a refund of up to $3 per girl after the event for those who attend. 

As always, for the safety of the girls, unregistered adults should not attend. In addition, please avoid bringing tagalongs if at all possible. 

**Girls need to bring water bottles to this and every event.**

All troops are welcome, but activities are geared for Daisies and Brownies.  If you have an older girl troop that would like to help run the game activities, please contact Maria (please refer to the Pima Neighborhood Service Team Roster for her contact information).

Juliette Low is the founder of Girl Scouts.  She was born on October 31, 1860 in Savannah, Georgia.

Please email for further information.


RSVP online here:

Please consult your neighborhood service team roster and RSVP to Maria McDaniel.  Checks should be made out to Pima Neighborhood.

TROOP #________________________

LEADER NAME_________________________

LEADER EMAIL______________________________

LEADER PHONE #_____________________________

NUMBER OF GIRLS ATTENDING__________________________

Friday, August 3, 2018

August Leader's Meeting

  • Introductions
  • MSE Report -- Susan Rees
Old Business
  • Finance Reports -- Kelle/Stacey
  • Registration -- Please do it
  • Communication Recap -- Diana
  • Quick Day Camp Wrap Up
    • Adult volunteer discussion
New Business

TONIGHT: Leader's social at Goldies, 8:15 pm

September 17Ice Cream Social (Maria/2064)
September 21Feed my Starving Children (Tracey/4307)
​* September 23, Theater Event: Narnia (Kelle/Diana; 2010/2256)​ SOLD OUT
September 29, Badge Bonanza

October 21, Community Service Day (Kelly/231)
October 23, First Aid/CPR training (Susan V)
October 26-28Encampment at Willow Springs (Lee/2010)

November 4, 2-4 pm, Juliette Low Birthday Party (Maria/4402)
November 4, Volunteer Opportunity: Congenital Heart Walk (Tali/2256)

November 17, Powder Puff Derby
November 17Older Girl Event: Own the Night at ASU East (2256/2010/Council)
November 30Songfest (Terri/83)
​(Vista del Camino Adopt a Family)​

December 13, Leader Holiday Party (Teresa/2256)
(​Gift Wrapping)

(Angel Tree)
January 11, Cookie Rally (Marilyn/Maria/ 2064)
January 12-13, Camp B.A.S.I.C.

February 24, Thinking Day (Diana/2256) Countries taken: Japan, France
​Father/Daughter Hike + Breakfast (Cindy/6275)​
Mother/Daughter Tea (Laura/3722)
March 1-3, Spring Encampment at Shadow Rim (Lee/2010)
Father/Daughter Dance (?)
​April 1, Leader's Gala (Michelle/Pat/Diana)​
* April 7Theater: James and the Giant Peach (Kelle/Diana; 2010/2256)​

May 1Older Girl Celebration/Bridging (Michelle/Diana​​)​
 * Day Camp/PA Training (Diana/Lee)

Pima Outstanding Senior Service Award

Pima Neighborhood wants to honor service to Pima and encourage girls to continue as Girl Scout volunteers in the future. 

Pima may award a one-time cash grant  and/or a GSUSA Lifetime Membership to graduating Ambassadors who have performed substantial volunteer service for Pima Neighborhood. The number of awards, and the dollar value, may vary each year as determined by Pima’s service team. Applicants may be asked to participate in an interview before final awards are determined. Applications must be completed by 5 pm on September 10th.

The link to apply is here: