Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Call for Service Team Members

Are you passionate about spreading the word about Girl Scouts? What about planning fun and amazing events for girls? Well, we’ve got just the jobs for you…
Maybe you’ve never considered becoming a volunteer on your service unit team. Maybe you never thought you could be a school coordinator or an events coordinator. Now is the time!
As a school coordinator, you would work as a partner with your service unit manager and the staff to implement recruitment plans within the school community. Throughout the year you could hold events to work toward recruiting new girls and adults so that more girls have an opportunity to experience Girl Scouting. To help increase community awareness of Girl Scouts and the opportunities available you may help with school open house events, or have informational or display tables at local community events.
As an events coordinator you can help your service unit to plan and hold fun events for girls in your community. Mostly, though, you would be having fun sharing your passion for Girl Scouts.
Please consider your talents and whether or not you can help us fill some vacancies on the service team roster for the 2018-2019 year.  

The roster is tentative. People may still be moving to new roles, but you should also consider ALL of the roles to be open, as in, we are happy to have you assist with any job that fits your particular skill set. Do NOT count yourself out if you are a first-year leader this year. I am unlikely to approach you in your first year to expand your duties but if you feel you are up to the task, please volunteer!

If you have an active parent volunteer (registered) in your troop who you think would be an asset to the team, please feel free to forward this to them as well.  

Responsibilities of service team members include answering the call for help for neighborhood events, fulfilling the duties of your particular job, and attending an annual planning meeting (April 24, 6 pm... we're having a fondue potluck).

Here are a couple of notes on the jobs, please ask if you have further questions.

School coordinators are crucial to membership.  Coordinators will meet as a team to discuss recruitment strategies, attend their school's back-to-school event, recruit new girls and leaders to form troops, and generally be the face of Girl Scouts at their school.  Most of this job is done in August.  ALL school coordinators will have back up from either last year's school coordinator or the neighborhood manager.

Scottsdale Prep is technically NOT in our neighborhood but so many of our neighborhood girls attend there that it is time for Pima to have a presence there.  This will be a new role for someone to carve out and will entail some schmoozing with administration.

If all of this doesn't convince you... 

I have a cool license plate holder for every new volunteer who signs up!!  (I know, that seals the deal).

2018 Volunteers of Excellence

The Volunteer of Excellence award recognizes volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through use of the National Program Portfolio or who have contributed outstanding service in support of the council's mission delivery to girl and adult members. 

The following leaders were awarded the Volunteer of Excellence Pin at the Leader's Gala on April 2nd.

Ashlye Kennedy
Luci Rohani
Stacey Slick
Terri Strelish
Robin Laulainen
Marilyn Kashouh
Kate Janson
Riley Palmer