Wednesday, October 24, 2018

November Leader’s Meeting Agenda


  • Introductions
  • Investiture/Rededication
Old Business
New Business


TONIGHT: Leader's social at Goldies, 8:15 pm

November 4, 2-4 pm, Juliette Low Birthday Party (Maria/4402)
November 7, First Aid/CPR Training, part deux
November 17Older Girl Event: Own the Night at ASU East (2256/2010/Council)
November 30Songfest (Terri/83)

December 9, 3-4 pm Caroling (Dorthea/Kendra)

December 13, Leader Holiday Party (Teresa/2256)
(​Gift Wrapping)
January 11, Cookie Rally (Marilyn/Maria/ 2064)
January 12-13, Camp B.A.S.I.C.

February 24, Thinking Day (Diana/2256) 
  • Countries taken: Japan, France, Hungary, Turkey, India, Greece
​Father/Daughter Hike + Breakfast (Cindy/6275)​
Mother/Daughter Tea (Laura/3722)
March 1-3,Spring Encampment at Shadow Rim (Lee/2010)
Father/Daughter Dance (Holly/1265)
Safety Workshop for Older Girls (Savannah/Diana)
​April 1, Leader's Gala (Michelle/Pat/Diana)​
April 6, 2-4 Feed My Starving Children (Tracey/4307)
* April 7Theater: James and the Giant Peach (Kelle/Diana; 2010/2256)​ 
  • 59 Seats Sold
Annual Meeting

May 1Older Girl Celebration/Bridging (Michelle/Diana​​)​

 *June 10-14th, Day Camp/PA Training (Diana/Lee) 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Join Girl Scouts!

Pima neighborhood serves girls living in the Desert Mountain complex (Redfield, Laguna, Anasazi, Cheyenne, Copper Ridge, DCES, DCMS, Mountainside, Desert Mountain, Archway, BASIS, and Scottsdale Prep).

If you are interested in joining a troop in our neighborhood, please fill in this form.

Angel Tree Volunteering 2018

Register now to be a volunteer at the Salvation Army and be prepared to pick your dates to work the Angel Tree around the end of October.

Shifts will be available from November 15-December 20th.

Working at the Christmas Angel booths involves taking in toy donations, helping sign out Christmas Angel Tags. and answering all questions from donors.
  • Girl Scouts under 12 are NOT allowed to volunteer for this venue. All Girl Scouts aged 13 years to 17 years of age must be supervised by two adult volunteers, one of whom is over 21 who has signed up and agreed stay at the tree. 

Please sign up individually.  There is no reason for a middleman, although I am happy to help you figure out their system.

Patches will be available for $1. Please send me a quantity when you know how many you need.

Adopt-a-Family Program

Adopt-a-Family Program
Vista del Camino, Scottsdale Human Services

Many members of our community need the support of others to provide their children with a
special holiday.  Others may be disabled or elderly and unable to provide for themselves.
Each year over 400 families are helped for Thanksgiving and 550 for Christmas by the
Holiday Adopt a Family Program.

The Holiday Program is hosted by the City of Scottsdale Human Services Division with
Scottsdale Community Partners, a non-profit organization supporting Scottsdale residents
in crisis.  Vista del Camino staff provides adopters with a brief biography about the family,
including gift suggestions and sizes for the children. You are asked to purchase 3 gifts
chosen from the ‘wish list’ provided by each child (total spend is ~$100.)  Please also
donate a $30 grocery gift card for the Christmas dinner.  If you wish to provide more
for the holiday meal, please do so in the form of additional grocery gift cards
(rather than one larger one.)  In addition to Christmas, Vista will also honor other
holiday traditions such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan.

Troop signup for the Adopt-a-Family Holiday Program is now through Monday,
October 29th.  
We will email sponsored child information as soon as we receive our assignments.

Thank you on behalf of 100’s of families in need in Scottsdale!
We’re making the world a better place.
Holly Snopko & Susan Vargas