Thursday, April 30, 2020

May Leader's Meeting

Our leader's meeting will be at either 10 am or 7 pm on Monday, May 4th on Zoom.  The links to the meeting were emailed to you and are posted on Facebook.


Shout outs 
Available Service Team Positions 2020-2021
NEW! Roles
  • Outdoor Events Team (Sandy remains as Outdoor Trainer)
    • Hike plus your choice
  • STEM Events Team
    • Robotics
  • Service Events Team 
    • Community Service Day, assist with Vista, and?
  • Working Leader Mentor
    • Be available to speak with new leaders about combining work and leading a troop
  • First Daisy Cookie Booth Coordinator
  • Anasazi School Organizer
  • Sonoran Sky School Organizer
  • Pinnacle Peak School Organizer
  • Older Girl Member Team
  • Brownie Mentor
  • Working Leader Mentor
  • Cookie Team is always open
  • Fall Product Shadow (to take over in 2021)
Discussion Cookie Training Revisions
Proposed plan:
  • November: Online council training (required for eBudde access), quick neighborhood training for pre-orders
  • January: "Everything else"
Help Sister Girl Scouts: Buy Cookies


May 17thAmazing Race
June 22-27, Day Camp Update (YES! It is happening)
New theme: "The One Where they were Quarantined"
Petal Power (for pre-K girls)

Leader Meeting Dates

First, who the heck knows?
Ideas? What can we do for the service unit if we have to stay away from big group events?
  • Badge Challenge? Each troop creates a virtual badge workshop to share with the neighborhood.  Any platform is ok (Powerpoint, Google Form, YouTube, Prezi)...
August: Recruitment
Quarantine Olympics (if needed)
Pool Party
Ice Cream Social

September: Recruitment
September 2, Older Girl Bridging/Investiture
Ice Skating
Senior Service Awards
Fall Product Sales

October: New Girl Scout Year begins Oct 1
Community Service Day
Juliette Low's Birthday party
Virtual National Convention

Outdoor Skills Day
November 20, Songfest (Karalyn, Troop 4400)
Adopt a Family (Susan/Holly)

Theater: Junie B: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
Leader's Holiday Party
Gift Wrapping

January 8, Cookie Rally

February 21, Thinking Day


April 5, Leader's Gala
Theater: Disney's My Son Pinocchio 
Teddy bear tea
Annual Meeting

Older Girl Bridging

Other Events
Day Camp
Spring Encampment
Powder Puff Derby
Butterfly Wonderland
Robotics Badge Workshop for Brownies
Fountain Hills Theater Events

Pima's 2020 Years of Membership/Service Awards

Pima wishes to recognizes the following volunteers for their dedication to Girl Scouts.

The following leaders will receive numeral guards, representing the number of years of membership, including both girl and adult member years.

Lee Kline

Holly Snopko

Lesley Shockness
Lisa Pennington
Susan Vargas

15 Years

  • Kristie Miller
  • Kelle Hohl
  • Andrea Brugger
  • Sarah Suraci
  • Lori Neumann

10 Years

  • Riley Palmer
  • Ivie Calhoun
  • Sara Emmons

5 Years

  • Emily Sullivan
  • Jennifer Prior
  • Kelli Northey
  • Melisa Celaya
  • Natalie Lamb
  • Sam Sciara
The following leaders received appreciation pins, representing years of service as an adult member.

20 Years of Service
  • Susan Vargas
10 Years of Service
  • Kaz Wasserman
  • Lisa Pennington
  • Marissa Watson
  • Riley Palmer
  • Sara Emmons
5 Years of Service
  • Ariana Schein
  • Melissa Carmucci
  • Natalie Lamb
  • Sam Sciara
  • Teresa Caltabiano

3-Year Leader Pin 

(awarded for years of service in Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus Pine)
    • Andrea Augustine
    • Carey Stanton
    • Cindy Bagcioglu
    • Courtney Ophaug
    • Diana Day
    • Dorothy Jokerst
    • Elizabeth Beauchman
    • Erika Stevens
    • Kathy Cleveland
    • Kendra Vaughn
    • Kim Jansen
    • Kiri Arnold
    • Kristy Perdomo
    • Liz Sinkwitz
    • Neepa Thakkar
    • Neha Patel
    • Samantha Greeban
    • Tracey Locke

    The Amazing Pima Race

    When: May 17, 2020

    1 pm for Daisies/Brownies and their families

    3 pm for Juniors/Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors and their families

    If you have Girl Scouts in both age groups, please opt for the 3 pm group.

    Where: depart from your home (no interaction with other Girl Scout families) except via Zoom/text.

    What: a fun-filled riddle-driven community scavenger hunt

    Registration: Please fill in this form to register.

    After you register, a Zoom link will be sent for a virtual Kick Off meeting before we start

    Notes: The registration form requests a cell phone #, which will be used to communicate with your team captain.  On the day of the race, you will receive the rules before the race begins (about 12:45 and 2:45).  The first clue will be sent out at 1 pm/3 pm.

    If you are a GS leader who is willing to serve as a team captain (sending out and receiving clues), please let me know.  The number of team captains I need will depend on the number of families who register.  

    I recommend you have the ability to text via your computer if you volunteer for these positions.  

    Tuesday, April 28, 2020

    Pima Volunteer Awards

    The annual gala was to be held on April 5th where we would have announced and awarded these neighborhood volunteer awards.  All of the outstanding leaders listed below will receive their pins at our next in-person meeting, but in the meantime, we wanted to honor the following award recipients.

    Volunteer of Excellence

    For outstanding service providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls or supporting building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. 

    Pima's 2019-2020 Volunteers of Excellence are:

    • Renee Burke
    • Andrea Augustine
    • Emily Sullivan

    Sustained Service Award
    For continued outstanding service for 3 years after receiving the Volunteer of Excellence Award. 

    Pima's 2019-2020 Sustained Service Awardees are:
    • Catherine Bell
    • Susan Butler
    • Louise Turner
    • Sandy Stratton
    • Lee Kline
    Go-get-her Award
    Recognizes a volunteer who has put significant effort and creativity into finding and recruiting more girls into Girl Scouts.

    Pima's 2019-2020 Go Getters are:
    • Katie Honeycutt
    • Laura Comfort
    • Penelope Plache
    • Kristi Richerson
    • Lucy Rohani
    • Kate Janson
    • Cindy Bagcioglu
    Outdoor Pathfinder
    Recognizes volunteers who make outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts possible and provided creative, recreational, and educational outdoor opportunities for girls. Service can go beyond a troop experience to make the outdoor experience available to a wide number of girls. 

    Pima's 2019-2020 Outdoor Pathfinders are:
    • Riley Palmer
    • Ariana Schein
    Innovator Award
    Recognizes a volunteer who brought the Girl Scout program to her/his service unit in the most creative or innovative way.

    Pima's 2019-2020 Innovator is:
    • Lee Kline
    Rising Star Award
    For an outstanding NEW troop leader – Recognizes a volunteer during their first three years, for service beyond the expectations for the position, or recognizes volunteers who have volunteered a minimum of 6 months to maximum of 36 months who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway.

    Pima's 2019-2020 Rising Stars are:
    • Kelley Hurley
    • Courtney Alvarado
    • Kiri Arnold
    • Samantha Greeban
    • Neepa Thakkar
    • Liz Sinkwitz
    • Karalyn Folmes
    Standing Ovation Award

    Recognizes a product program volunteer (Fall or Cookie) who has gone above and beyond the expected product sales duties and given service of exceptional benefit which warrants recognition. 

    Pima's 2019-2020 Standing Ovation Award Recipients are:
    • Lee Kline
    • Kelley Hurley
    • Melissa Caramucci
    • Chelsea Gilbert
    • Cheryl Graham
    • Jessica Usleber
    • Miranda McCustion
    • Kristy Perdomo 
    • Ashlye Kennedy
    • Kelle Hohl 
    • Tracey Locke 
    • Maria McDaniel 
    • Dorothy Jokerts 
    • Kendra Vaughn 

    Friday, April 24, 2020

    Troop Placement List for Pima is Available

    How to join a troop in Pima Neighborhood

    Pima neighborhood serves girls living in the Desert Mountain complex (Redfield, Laguna, Anasazi, Cheyenne, Copper Ridge, DCES, DCMS, Mountainside, Desert Mountain, Archway, BASIS, and Scottsdale Prep), as well as Sonoran Sky, Grayhawk, and Pinnacle Peak.

    If you are interested in joining a troop in our neighborhood, please fill in this form.

    Thursday, April 23, 2020

    2020-2021 Leader's Meetings Dates

    Please mark the following dates on your calendar now for our leader meetings next year.  ANY adult volunteer is welcome to attend these meetings. Please make an effort to send one adult volunteer to each meeting, and alert your cookie managers about the November 4th training dates.

    Meetings will once again be held at the Boys and Girls Club at 10 am and 7 pm. The evening meeting will be followed by a social hour, starting at 8:15 pm, generally at Goldies.

    The Boys and Girls club is located at 10515 E. Lakeview Drive, Scottsdale AZ 85258. 

    August 17
    September 14
    October 12
    November 2 **COOKIE TRAINING** (cookie training will be held 10-11:30 and 6:30 to 8 pm)
    December 7
    January 11
    February 1
    March 1
    April 5 
    May 3


    Girl Scout Trip Suggestions

    Kartchner Caverns/Tombstone
    San Diego: Sea World Overnight
    San Diego: Zoo Overnight
    LA: YES Experience 
    San Diego: Surf Camp
    San Franciso
    Moab: Arches National Park

    Washington DC
        Udvar-Hazy Hanger
        Sleepovers at the Smithsonian
    Savannah/Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
    Durango, CO
    New York


    (National) Girl Scout Destinations
    Council-sponsored Trips

    Tuesday, April 7, 2020

    Service Projects and Other Fun Girl Scout Stuff

    Service Projects 

    All of these links lead to service project you can do from your home.
    Fun Stuff

    Online Badge Workshops for Younger Girls

    Be productive, learn new things while in lockdown.
    Fill in a On your Own Badge Report for each badge and turn it in to your leader.

  • Brownie Celebrating Community Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Dancer Badge – PDF and Video 
  • Brownie Cybersecurity 1: Basics Badge – Google Form
  • Brownie My Family Story Badge – PDF and Video
  • Brownie Space Science Adventurer Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Space Science Adventurer Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Senses Badge – PDF and Video 
  • Brownie Philanthropist Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Snacks Badge – PDF and Video 
  • Brownie Outdoor Art Creator Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Bugs Badge – PDF and Video 
  • Brownie Girl Scout Way Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Money Manager Badge – PDF and Video 
  • Brownie Fair Play Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Potter Badge – PDF and Video 
  • Brownie Eco Friend Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Making Games Badge – PDF and Video 
  • Brownie Household Elf Badge – Google Form 
  • Brownie Making Friends Badge – PDF and Video 

  • Junior Badges