Friday, June 26, 2020

Recruitment Service Team Leadership Opportunity for Older Girls

Who: Girls 6th grade and up

What: The girls themselves are the best Girl Scout recruiters by sharing their enthusiasm and experiences!  Help us introduce new girls to Girl Scouts. Pima is starting a girl-only recruitment service team. Team members will collaborate with School Organizers and the Neighborhood Service Team to enhance recruitment activities and messaging.

This is a year-long position, but most of the work will be done in August and September. 
  • Develop new and improved ways to recruit new Girl Scouts
  • Create signage for recruitment events
  • Attend recruitment events (Back to School Nights, Ice Skating, Ice Cream Social, Girl Scout Sampler) as a Girl Scout representative
  • Earn hours towards your Girl Scout Service Bar award
  • Great resume builder (scholarships, jobs, college applications)
  • Share your Girl Scouting experience and expand the Girl Scout Universe!
  • Meet new friends from other troops

Refer A New Girl Scout Patch Program

Who: Any Pima Girl Scout What: Earn a patch for bringing new girls into Pima Neighborhood Girl Scouts How: Encourage new members to join by asking them to visit the Pima Neighborhood Girl Scout Interest form New member must select “Referred by a Girl Scout” and write in a Pima Girl Scout name. Both girls will receive a patch.
  • All Girl Scout levels are eligible
  • Must go through Pima Neighborhood Girl Scout Interest form
  • Girls will receive their patches after they register; they will be delivered by troop leaders.

    Monday, June 22, 2020

    Workshops on the Environment Available

    Leaders, workshops are available for your troops. Please see the following message and let me know if you'd like Alina to do a virtual workshop with your troop. Workshops last about an hour.

    Dear Leaders,

    I have always had a great love for the environment. I loved smelling the great trees in Flagstaff, watching the giant waves crash onto the sand, and witnessing the sun behind the clouds. 

    It was then I realized I could turn this passion of mine into action. Last year, I decided to pursue my Gold Award. My project is called Ecolytical; the goal is to address the lack of knowledge of how our habits affect our environment by teaching youth to ensure our earth can be beautiful and healthy.

    I would love to continue teaching kids about how we can do our part to help our environment. If you or your kids are interested in attending one of my workshops, please contact Diana and she will share my email.

    Workshops topics include the following:

    • Recycling
    • Water Conservation
    • Climate Change

    Best wishes and stay safe!

    Sincerely, Alina Boorse

    Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    Community Service Opportunity: Letters to Seniors

    Here’s a meaningful community service project for your kids and troops:  we are looking for kids to write uplifting letters to 350 senior citizens in Scottsdale. 

    Due to the current pandemic, many elderly people are leading very isolated and lonely lives, and we’d love to give each of them a friendly upbeat letter from a child.  

    Pima is collecting letters that will be mailed by Scottsdale Community Partners directly to individual senior citizens.   Please consider letting all your troop members know about this opportunity.  

    To participate, write one or more letters and get them to Diana (check service unit roster for address if you don't know where she lives).  You can leave them in the white cooler box on Diana’s porch or mail them to her.  Please note, Diana's postman has made it clear that items other than US Postal mail cannot be left in her mailbox. Please go to the front door.

    For privacy and safety, please do not include your last name or address in the letter.  Feel free to beautifully decorate the letter.

    Last day to drop off: July 31

    Sunday, June 14, 2020

    Earn a Ceramics Patch

    Our council has partnered with As you Wish to offer a selection of kid-friendly projects.  Complete any project and send a photo of your Girl Scout with her completed project to to receive your ceramics patch.

    • These projects are recommended for kid ages 5+
    • Each project is available as a to-go kit.  
    • Each kit comes complete with your pottery piece, paints, brushes, any other necessary tools, a tracing template, tracing paper, and a step-by-step instruction guide.

    Thursday, June 11, 2020

    Finance Reports

    All Financial Reports must be completed online.  To do this, you must log onto the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pines website and go to "My GS."  Once logged in, select "Volunteer Toolkit" and then "Finances."  The online form will then load to fill in using the numbers from your detailed cash report.

    Please upload a copy of your last bank statement and your detailed cash report when you submit your finance report.

    Troop Finance reporting is a condition of auditing and must occur yearly.  The due date for submission is June 30th.

    Please direct questions to the Kelle, our neighborhood money manager, or to Karel Shoger who can be reached at council via: