Monday, September 20, 2021

ELF Coordinator Wanted

E.L.F stands for Experienced Leader Friend.

We have, at a minimum, 12 new leaders in our neighborhood this year.  For those of who are experienced, think back a bit and you will probably remember a leader who lent you a helping hand, listened, gave advice, and became a friend.  We would like to help all the new and experienced make new friends!

Kiri is our ELF coordinator; please watch for an opportunity to sign up to be an ELF.

Things New Leaders may Need Help with....

  • Badges and Journeys
  • Field Trips
  • Investiture
  • Bridging
  • Spring Registration
  • Cookie Booths
  • Neighborhood Communications 
  • School networks
  • Fall product
  • Training requirements
  • Girl Scout traditions
  • Much, much more!!

What do we want you to do?

  • Call 
  • Text 
  • Email
  • Have coffee
  • Attend leader meetings with your new friend 
  • Make sure they attend the leader gala with you
  • Share your wisdom
  • Introduce them to other leaders

Nothing too difficult in other words.  You do not have to do a front splits, as pictured above! Let me know if you can lend a helping hand.